October 22 poll

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For this poll, choose one or multiple answers, and/or add an answer of your own in the “other” box.  (Note: answers are randomized for each visitor to avoid primacy and recency errors.)

What would you really do?

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7 Responses to October 22 poll

  1. admin says:

    Still more wisdom (2 “other” comments):
    • I would increase my tolerance of other “unacceptable” groups of people.
    • Add it to other historical evidence of Jesus’s life.

  2. admin says:

    Three more “other” responses have come in:
    • Pray
    • No option above applies to me
    • Add it to other historical evidence of Jesus’s life

  3. Jim Peterson says:

    More relevant to me: If I found a man with three heads at Starbucks, would I tell anyone?

  4. admin says:

    A ninth “other” comment came in:
    • s*** my pants

  5. admin says:

    Here are the first eight “other” replies. I’ll continue to report new ones periodically.
    • Demand Enlightenment Now!
    • Stop to praise God with thanksgiving!
    • Pray for understanding and guidance about what to do with the “evidence”.
    • wait to see if the facts are confirmed
    • Ask for a recount.
    • As an atheist, the question would be: does this add to your faith? Doubt it!
    • consider it just another “scribbler’s” prose
    • WPC just performed first lesbian marriage in Northeast

  6. I’m wondering what the 7 “other” responses were?

  7. kathleen oggie wilbur says:

    Hope your poll gets more input, so far, I am the 7th participant. hi to bruce, from kathleen

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