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August 17, 2000

Masada, Qumran, and “Up to Jerusalem”

Pacific Coast

In Country










10 PM


Explore Masada!  Pass by Qumran.  Drive “up to Jerusalem.”  King David’s Tomb (Mt. Zion). Last Supper Room.  Western Wall.


8 AM





6 AM?

Laromme Hotel.

4 PM?

Masada—up 1300 feet from the Dead Sea (in background).

A swearing-in oath for modern-day Israeli Army recruits is, “Masada shall not fall again.”  The story of a thousand defenders holding out three years against Roman legions in siege against them is legendary.  All committed suicide to avoid being taken.


√ For a 4-minute clip from the Peter

O’Toole movie Masada, depicting the final assault by the Romans, click here.

Their waterworks were wondr­ous.  Collecting and ducting rain­water into this cistern “tided” them over the dry spells.  Note the size of the human below and the shaft of light from the top.


Hard for me to believe the construc­tion savvy our forebears had accumulated more than two millennia ago.  Maybe we ain’t as hot as we think…



Our tour will pass by Qumran en route to Jerusalem; one reason I arranged my own private tour day here.

This aerial looking east shows the settlement excavations in the foreground, some cave areas to the right, and the Dead Sea at the top.


After circling it for a week, finally…

…up to Jerusalem!

“When it was almost time for the Jewish Passover, Jesus went up to Jerusalem.” John 2:13 NIV

The lowest blocks on the Western Wall date to Herod’s time (37-4 BC); his engineers built retaining walls all around the Temple Mount and filled them in to level it out.  This is all that remains of the holiest site in Judaism; the Romans destroyed the Second Temple before 70 AD.  Jews (and this Presbyterian Christian) come from all over the world to pray here, and tuck written prayers into unmortared joints (of the Wall…)

“We’ll count to 25 and you go hide…”

They call this the Last Supper Room, but it was built by the Crusaders in the last millennium.


I’ll explain that when I get back.  If they explain it to me.




They say it’s a live view if you

click Wailing Wall Webcam (WWW!)

then click .

Laromme Hotel

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