Holy Land Grand Tour

August 2000

The trip of a lifetime…

Thanks for coming along!

paul hartman

I trust you’ll enjoy your armchair journey with me on the following pages.I am indebted to the following three for many things, not the least of those being for taking on chores to allow The Old Man to embark on this Fool’s* Errand.

Thanks to
Jason Stuart Hartman, Webmaster;
Jordan Patrick Hartman, Business Manager in Absentia; and
McKenna Shay Hartman, CyberPostmistress General.

“God bless us, every one.”

*A fool for Christ

For an excellent overview of destinations, click here.

Unsure of what time it is “over there”?  Just click here.

For the CIA Factbook (maps, stats) on Israel: click here.

For the one on Jordan: click here.

For the one on Egypt: click here.

There are thousands of internet links that could have provided; those you’ll see here are merely my choices from the dozen or so I reviewed for each site.  Post-trip notes: YouTube links have been added now; same caveat applies.  Wikipedia links aren’t listed, but are easily accessed for virtually every item in this section of CarpeKairos.com.

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