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Leviticus 18:22 (gay activity is abomination).  Remember, though, that eating pork is forbidden, too (Leviticus 11:7).  How do we reconcile that?   In the New Testament St. Paul forbad women from speaking in church (1 Cor. 14:33-35).  Even conservative churches seem to overlook that these days.  If you say “The Bible says Gay Is Sinful,” do you eat pork or allow women to speak in church?  Help others understand the difference.

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  1. Jordan says:

    I would like to define your term Gay… I believe you’re talking about the homosexual lifestyle. I say that as many students in junior high and High school say that’s Gay when they really mean that’s dumb or stupid. Therefore I take your meaning to be the first.

    If we read the bible it is clear on all these things. It’s in black and white. as you point out when the bible was written these were the laws.

    To be honest I did have some ideas about how this could be but when I think about them I can’t honestly say they are valid points.

    My only possible idea is that when god is talking about these topics he is talking about two things. activities he doesn’t want us doing, and things he doesn’t want us eating.

    The Doing ones are easy to explain why you should not. They are not what we were created to do. God created Adam and then created Eve as a helper or complement to the man.

    God created us to care for the world and all living things in it not kill plunder and take what we feel is ours.

    the list of things god has set as bad for us to eat or “unclean” is long and you point out odd as we eat many of the things on the list now. To be honest I have no idea why he said that and can’t honestly think of why.

    Can you explain your reasons or at least post your position on this as then I might be able to understand and better target my post to your points?

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