From the moment the idea first came to me during a worship service at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Buffalo, New York, when I wrote the first lines of the prologue of The Kairos, it’s been clear the premise of this novel might stir some controversy.  Some of my Christian brothers and sisters will damn this fiction as heresy, and predict a hellfire and brimstone judgment for my soul.  While it’s possible that’s what I’m risking—what intelligent human being can possibly rule out any future event that’s unprovable?—all I know of the loving, gracious God of Holy Scripture indicates otherwise.  Nonetheless, there may be controversy.

I welcome your input.  Pro or con.  All I ask is civility.  To paraphrase Thumper’s rule: If you can’t say something nicely, please don’t say nothing at all.  To me “nicely” includes “respectfully, thoughtfully, humbly” … and is requested of those who hold opinions on all sides of these issues.

The posts below are listed with the newest item in each thread at the top of that thread.  So if you’re looking for replies to what you’ve posted, find the thread first (far left margin), then check the topmost entries for updates.  (If you find an unfamiliar thread just below these instructions—not what you were expecting—that means someone began a new thread.  You can do the same: go to the Comment Box at the end.

Remember, kids: respect!

Let the discussions begin….

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