Wanna see an old guy get excited about a word?

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I love a lot of words.

I love the nerdy/turdy sound of the word “third.” 

I love “reconnoiter” because it has that strange “oy” sound — notice how your lips have to make an O then pull back to a grin while your tongue bridges your upper left and right wisdom teeth.   But mostly I love that word because it puzzles me how anyone could reconnoiter if they hadn’t connoitered once before.

I love “trash compacter” because my kids and I think the sense of a word should be conveyed in its pronunciation, so we pronounce that word “trshcmpctr.”  We also wrinkle up our noses and growl out the words “irritable bowel syndrome.”  There are another couple of these that I can’t remember right now.  Here’s hoping you’ll jump in to suggest more sense-fitting pronunciations of your favorite words.

And on a serious note, I love the word logos, which not only means “word” in Greek, but (according to nephew Jed, a Googlite who long ago adopted it for his eddress), it also means “organizing principle.”   That idea/word fascinates me.

So I do  love words.  And one I love thiiiiiiiis much (as the kids used to say, arms spread wide,  as they told their Mom and me how much they loved us) is the name I picked for my novel: KAIROS.  I explained it this week on YouTube.  If you go here to hear it, come back and let me know what you think, will you?  (Would you also click “like” while you’re there?)

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