Seattle Men’s Chorus Director’s kudos … and a grateful reply

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A proud author moment? When Dennis Coleman, leader of the world’s largest gay men’s community chorus offered this blurb for THE KAIROS:

“I couldn’t put this book down! It captivated my imagination and combined my love of theology with historical fiction. Maybe God is still speaking through Paul Hartman.”

Turnabout’s fair play, Dennis, so please accept this heartfelt compliment:

The work you have done in the past 30 years has brought the Seattle Men’s and Women’s Choruses (the latter, with the help of Rhonda Juliano) to prominence not just in the U.S. but across the globe.  Thank you for such great performances.  “Scared Faithless” was a lifetime high…but virtually every other program has been equally entertaining and inspiring   You’re a treasure in this region and to the GLBTQ community around the world.

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