Launch Day–5:00 pm

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We’re under the 800 mark!  By Grace, we may reach even higher milestones , but we can be very pleased with Launch Day results.

My deepest gratitude to all those

A brand new review has just been posted that tells me we might have done that.  You’ll want to know “Pat from Seattle” is currently on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, at this writing is huddled in a bathroom with luggage on orders of the hotel staff,  waiting for a hurricane to pass.  She took time beforehand to post a beautiful review, calling The Kairos “a heart-stopping roller coaster of a great story intertwined with many truthful authentic messages for us all.”  She ends her review with these words:

The discussions stimulated by this fictional story have the potential to heal wounds and build bridges among families and religious communities alike. Be not afraid. . . . . .

 The kairos message itself.

Thanks for your company today.  Let’s check in again tomorrow.

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