Launch Day–2:30 pm

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Beginning final approach!

As we head into the final laps of Launch Day, look how far we’ve come:

As Jay in Manhattan Beach says, “Imagine you were in a 10K race and you just passed more than 55,000 people of the 56,360 in front you.  That’s a lot!” 

Actually it’s even better.  Last night at 8:30 pm, The Kairos was ranked #389,483 by Amazon.  So in less than 24 hours, we’ve passed more than 388,650 books to wind up at #829.  It’s been a team effort, and I salute every one of you who’s been so committed and so involved.  Thank you!

Here’s the challenge: It will likely take at least another hundred sales today to place The Kairos into the Hot New Releases list.  That’s a title we could cite forever, and it will draw future book buyers by the hundreds or thousands.  Who can you call or email this afternoon/early evening with a gentle, no-pressure invitation to buy a good read and catapult this book into national attention?  Can you think of anyone?  Tell ’em about the excellent reviews by sending this link.  [Have you read them yourself?  I couldn’t PAY people to write such nice stuff!  🙂 ]

I’m sending out 300 emails in the coming hour.  Would you help in this final sprint?  We’ve come so far and are so close to “breaking in” to national attention.  Will the next report (at 4:00 o’clock) crack the 500 mark?

Thanks for being so patient through all my pan-banging.  It will be over soon.  And success is so close.





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