Launch Day–12-noon

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With 45 paperback sales (Kindle reports don’t come until later), The Kairos continues to hold the 3125th rank among Amazon books at this hour.  It will take additional sales to maintain the position or move it upward.  One experienced and trusted writer friend wrote me this recently:

“I need to give you the most sane advice I can as you approach launch day:  Do not think you can make this happen the way you think it should.  It will have a life of its own and it will sell when the cosmos decides it’s supposed to.  Getting a big splash at the start is great, but not the only way to sell a good book.  Word of mouth is going to be a big piece of this and that takes a lot more time to develop than you ever dreamed it would. (Trust me on that!)  That said, may you sell many, many books in hours.”

Thank you so much, Mary.  (If you are approaching or in retirement and would like sage advice about this stage of life, I think you’d be well-advised to check her website: )

Check back in an hour for our next Launch Day update.  Is there someone among your contacts who will want to know about The Kairos?  🙂

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