Launch Day–1 pm

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Although there are signs of slowing–temporary, we might hope–the Amazon rankings for both paperback and Kindle continue to show upward progress.  At this hour, the paperback is ranked inside the top 1000 books on Amazon, and the Kindle version is now inside the top 10,000.  (With all the free books out on Kindle, that’s a tough market.)

You’re among a large number of visitors to this site today (thanks!), and obviously interested in The Kairos getting into as many hands and hearts as possible.  To end the day strong, are there friends-family-neighbors-colleagues-church members-GLBTs or others who you might call or email?  Anyone you want to buy a gift for?

We’re together in this strange process, and we’re literally within grasp of landing on a best seller list.  A few personal invitations could make all the difference.  Thank you for whatever you’re willing and able to do to help us cross this once-in-a-(book’s)-lifetime finish line.  THANK YOU   THANK YOU   THANK YOU!

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