Dead Sea Scrolls Back In The News

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News reports (such as the one at this link) came this week that Google is working with the Israel Museum to put the Dead Sea Scrolls online. Well, five of the longest and most important of them, to begin with. Not only is this development a very good thing in itself, it’s a reminder of how much public interest remains in “2000-year-old news” which was unearthed just 64 years ago. I was two years old then. My fascination began about fifteen years later, and hasn’t ended.

If you haven’t yet checked the Holy Land Tour section of this website, you might go to the August 7th page first. It was the day I visited the Israel Museum and Qumran. A busy day indeed. When you click here to go there directly, check out the links on that page for some of the fascinating web-available information on the museum and these two-millenia-old treasures.

Sometime in the next two weeks, you’ll be able to acquire a new novel about seven of those Scroll fragments that were kept secret because of “explosive news”. Can you guess who wrote it? {grin}

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