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I’m delinquent in not having mentioned some recent terrific internet references to The Kairos.

One is an extended interview by Kittredge Cherry on her always-interesting website  Click here for that, and scroll down to Monday, October 17th. Thanks so much, Kitt!  If CarpeKairos visitors are not familiar with Kitt’s inspiring and thought-provoking site, they’ll be delighted to discover it today.

Another is this review by Amos Lassen.  How can a writer’s pride not go into orbit when reading a review’s concluding words like his?   “I must remark on the sublime prose of the author. Sure, he has a compelling story to tell, but he shines in the way that he tells it. I totally recommend this to everyone and especially those who want to find a book that will make them think.”  Thank you, Mr. Lassen!  (Oh… Thank you, “Amos” … as you asked.)

Finally, to the Dirty Dozen (wonderful) friends and family who wrote reviews for Amazon and GoodReads: you’re the best.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  (Check ’em out here.  Amazing, innit?  I didn’t pay ANY of them to write this stuff!  {grin} )

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