A progressive Christian pioneer: Mel White’s review

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Almost all readers of this blog will know who Mel White is.  Author of Stranger At The Gate and founder of SoulForce, Mel has been a hero to many of us for years and years.  If you need a refresher, it’s here at Wikipedia.

I sent him a review copy of The Kairos some weeks ago.  He replied recently with this email (and gave permission to quote it):

“After carrying The Kairos around the country/world in my suitcase for more than a month, I finally read it on flights and in concourse lobbies AND I LOVED IT.  Good work….  It’s a very good novel.  I’m impressed.”

Thank you so much, Mel.  Not just for this welcome endorsement, but for decades of gracious, loving, effective leadership in progressive Christian sexuality issues.  We who are about to live (and marry, and stay in the military, and end being bullied, and more) salute you!

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