A page of “The Kairos” comes alive!

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If (1) someone spoke life-changing words to you when you were a college junior, AND (2) you included those words in a novel you wrote to fulfill a lifetime dream 46 years later, AND (3) that good soul consented to read his own words aloud for posting on YouTube … can you imagine the intersection of joys?

Our PLU campus pastor, the Rev. (now the Rev. Dr.) John O. Larsgaard was that man for me in 1966 … and again last week.  Check out his reading from page 263 of “The Kairos.”  I just wish I had had the tape rolling when he said, “Your book is an important step in the Church’s finally accepting gays and lesbians.”

Here’s the YouTube link.  Enjoy!  And please come back here to leave a comment.  I’m sure Pastor John will be very pleased to read your reactions or memories.

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